Q:  What exactly *is* a public access channel?

A:  The mission of a public access channel is to give members of the community the opportunity to tell stories and address issues which would not typically be featured on traditional commercial broadcast outlets.

Q:  Who decides what programming goes on the HMS channel?

A:  HMS is content neutral, exercising no editorial control over programming.

Q:  Once I produce a show and it is broadcast on HMS-TV, who owns it?

A:  Community producers own and retain all rights to programming which airs on the channel.

Q:  I have a great idea for a show, but I have never had any video production training.  That being the case, how can I produce a show?

A:  As we like to say, “All you need when you walk in the door is an idea.”  We can provide any video production training that you might need.

Q:  Does HMS rent video production equipment?

A:  We do not rent production equipment in the traditional sense of the term.  Once a community producer takes the appropriate certification class, he may check out that piece of gear at no additional charge, provided that he has active status by virtue of paying the required annual fee.

Q:  What sort of video production / broadcasting training does HMS provide?

A:  HMS offers video production classes ranging from basic skills to advanced techniques.  In addition to production training, HMS provides instruction in script writing and story boarding.

Q:  How long do classes last?  Are they expensive?

A:  Most video production classes run between two and four hours.  The cost varies, but most class fees are between $50 and $75.  Once certified, producers may attend refresher courses at no additional charge.

Q:  Do programs have to be a certain length?

A:  There are no specific length requirements for programs airing on HMS-TV.