Randee Spittel-Ramsey is the Executive Director of Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP). She creates and executes educational events, film mixers and lectures while working to reinforce strategic partnerships. She creates the annual budgets, runs summer camp and is in charge of fundraising and social media. She is also faculty for Houston Community College’s Filmmaking Program. As an Adjunct Professor with HCC, her teaching experience includes show running, TV Field Production, Production Management and various basic video and film production courses, as needed, each term. She rebuilt the course curriculum for TV Field to offer students more hands-on experiences. Each semester she updates and changes the films presented based on evolving industry standards.

She also taught Production Management, which included budgeting and scheduling. She researched and gathered new curriculum materials to enhance class understanding of budgeting and scheduling and created a one semester Production Management curriculum that incorporated previous materials and new items to give students a full picture of scheduling and budgeting film and videos. She also reviewed student budgets and schedules for their individual projects.