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Basic Media Classes for TV

Media Literacy

Learn how to effectively reach your audience through quality programs. Topics include production technique, audience and legal analysis. This class is required to submit programs to air on HMS TV and to advance to other classes. (A Prerequisite before moving on to any other classes)

2 Hours $20

Basic Camera

Master the operation of the newest addition to our camera lineup, the Sony AX-53,  a 4K Camera and the Sony NX70U a HD Camera. Learn tripod setup, basic shots, movement, framing, composition, and terminology. Prerequisite: Media Literacy.

2 Hours $50

Light & Sound

Learn the application of various lighting techniques using the Lowell 3, 5 and IKAN LED Light Kits.  Explore microphone selection and the operation of multiple-channel audio mixers as well as the new Sony Wireless microphone system. Prerequisite: Media Literacy

4 Hours $50

Basic Editing with iMovie

Edit programs using this non-linear editing software. Learn video capturing, transitions, titles, sound FX, and DVD authoring. Dub rack station operation and disc duplication are also included. Prerequisite: Media Literacy.

4 Hours $50

Advanced Editing for TV


Advance your editing skills using the AVID non-linear software. Learn how to capture video, apply transitions, create titles, utilize special FX, add music, mix sounds, and export programs in a variety of formats including DVD and online streaming. Prerequisite: Basic Editing + one (1) 30-min. program submission.

4 Hours $75

Final Cut Pro (Mac)

Fine tune your editing skills using this non-linear editing software. From capturing video to sound mixing, learn everything you need to create a professional show ready for cablecasting on HMS TV. Prerequisite: Basic Editing or instructor approval in lieu of Basic Editing + one (1) 30-min. program submission.

4 Hours $75

Advanced Camera & Studio

Advanced Camera

Upgrade to the Sony PXW-Z150 and Sony PXW-Z90V and enjoy  enhanced shooting capabilities, which include:

  • 4 K quality filming capability.
  • Cinematone Gamma technology for a more film-like image.
  • Dual media slots for recording flexability.

Prerequisite: Basic Camera + five (5) 30-min. program submissions.

2 Hours $100

Studio Workshop

Master the skills of a Technical Director for live and pre-recorded shows in our TV studio. In this class you’ll produce your first studio program and qualify to train your own production crew. Topics include cameras, control room, studio light & sound, floor direction and set design. Prerequisite: All Basic Media classes + one (1) 30-min. program submission.

8 Hours $150

Script & Storyboarding

Use the Final Draft scripting software to enhance your production planning, treatments, script formatting, storyboarding and project management. Prerequisite: Media Literacy + one (1) 30-min. program submission.

2 Hours $50